We believe in change

Loving Home Ministries provides critically-needed assistance and support to children and families worldwide, including food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and education. Loving Home Ministries currently sponsors projects on both the African & North American continents, with projects in Nairobi, Kenya, and Northern California, USA.

At Loving Home Ministries, we believe that each of us is gifted in some way with the heart, and opportunity to empower children & families in need. Together with your help, we seek to provide needy individuals worldwide with the same kinds of educational, nutritional, economic, technological, and healthcare opportunities that those in first world countries sometimes take for granted.  We are driven by a passion to fulfill God’s word by serving our neighbors in every way we can. By the grace of God and with the help of generous donors like you, we will together accomplish this mission. Together, we can create better lives for children & families across the globe.

Loving Home Ministries


Your financial & volunteer support will help us empower communities that are impoverished and underprivileged. Join our family today and take the first step toward making real change for these families.